The Essentials: Stories and Relationships

My current working theory of marketing says that there are two core elements, stories and relationships. Stories Stories are the threads that tie all the pieces together. Packaging, distribution, pricing and advertising are all parts of a story that is being created about a brand, product, organization or person. Relationships Relationships are how people see… Continue reading The Essentials: Stories and Relationships

Collecting Botts Dots

Walking our dog twice a day gives us plenty of time to look around our local streets. Lately we’ve started collecting what we call speed bumps. They are the little plastic pieces glued to the concrete that seperate lanes. We later learned through the marvels of the Internet that these bumps are officially called “Bott’s… Continue reading Collecting Botts Dots

Coming up with an idea

My first task for my “Starting a Business” class was to think of a business I wanted to work on for the entire semester. I brainstormed for about a week and half about potential ideas. I found the most useful formula for plausible ideas came from combining three things: Something I’m interested in Something I… Continue reading Coming up with an idea

Merry Christmas

Even in Texas it’s getting to be Christmas time so I thought I’d pass along some holiday greetings in the form of the Christmas card we sent out this year. Merry Christmas to you.