SMU President’s Briefing

SMU created Founder’s Day Weekend as a spring time celebration to counter balance homecoming in the fall. The center piece of the events is the President’s Briefing which updates alumni on the current state of the university. I created a presentation that was simple and conveyed a sense of momentum. The background on each slide… Continue reading SMU President’s Briefing

Rockwall ISD Strategic Plan

Rockwall ISD’s Strategic Plan guided the district for five years. I was responsible for reporting to the Board of Trustees on the district’s progress towards completing the strategic plan. Through presentations to the Trustees and documents like this final report. I was able to highlight the successes of our district to one of our most… Continue reading Rockwall ISD Strategic Plan

Ebola Notification

Rockwall ISD learned of an possible Ebola exposure within it’s boundies and needed to communicate with the community.

Rockwall ISD Athletics Broadcasts

I led the effort to capture value from our athletics broadcasts. To do this we solicited sponsors, promoted the new location for the broadcast and hired a production company to help. The results were a better experience for fans, profit for the school district and increased visibility for our athletics programs.