What the Font?!

What to do when you need to know which font was used for a graphic? Well, if you’re short a typographist or font-spotter graphic designer you might try What the Font. It’s a free web service from myfonts.com who I’m guessing hopes you discover that the font you need is sold right on theirwebsite. So,… Continue reading What the Font?!

The Pogue-O-Matic

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, has released a entertaining way to narrow down your choices before a tech purchase. This new tool called the “Pogue-O-Matic” basically just narrows your choices as you select the options you want. The treat comes as Mr. Pogue’s video commentary helps you choose which option is… Continue reading The Pogue-O-Matic

Done with school for the semester

I’ve finished, and passed, all of my classes for the semester and I’m getting in the blogging mood again. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks.

WordPress for iPhone

WordPress released a new application for the iPhone today. The new self-titled application allows bloggers to post to their blog directly from their phone. The app also supports multiple blogs so prolific bloggers can update multiple blogs. I wouldn’t expect long posts from the new application, those are still best left to keyboards and monitors.… Continue reading WordPress for iPhone

Blogging from my iPhone

I joined the bandwagon this weekend and bought an iPhone. So far I’ve been very impressed with it. One of the biggest questions that I had was if the on-screen keyboard would be easy to use. So far the answer is yes. The software correction is what makes it especially useful. I can just type… Continue reading Blogging from my iPhone

Who kept the dogs in… woof, woof, woof, woof

Since I promised an update, National Take Your Dog to Work Day was a no-show at our offices. We all chickened out figuring that the poor behavior of our individual dogs might be a catastrophe when combined, sort of like an Anti-Power Ranger. Maybe next year.

Hey Mr. Bus Driver

Today I successfully navigated the Dallas public transit system thanks to Google Maps. Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking the train to work two to three days a week. Today however I got an urgent request to pick up a presentation at a location that wasn’t close to a train stop. Just as… Continue reading Hey Mr. Bus Driver

Take Your Dog To Work Day – June 20

Tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Our office is tentatively scheduled to participate, so after lunch time TigerMan will join Addy and Luke at our office. A full report to follow, until then visit the TYDTWD website.

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