Collecting Botts Dots

Walking our dog twice a day gives us plenty of time to look around our local streets. Lately we’ve started collecting what we call speed bumps. They are the little plastic pieces glued to the concrete that seperate lanes. We later learned through the marvels of the Internet that these bumps are officially called “Bott’s Dots” after their California inventor. Now before you accuse us of causing wrecks we have developed strict rules regarding our collection practices. First, we only pick up bumps that have already been knocked out of position and are now just littering the road. However a good kick maybe nessecary to ensure that a bump is still stuck to the road. Second, you can only pick up one bump per walk. It is allowable to swap a better bump for an less favorable. It becomes important to remember where you dropped the swapped dot though in order to pick it up on the next walk.


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