YouTube best invention of the year?

Time magazine has named YouTube as the invention of the year. While AdHurl points out that YouTube was launched in 2005, I think the hype around YouTube has clouded the minds of Time’s editorial staff.

The list of inventions is geared towards consumers and YouTube has had the greatest impact of the items they featured. Surely though something had to be invented this year more important than YouTube.
I don’t have an alternative suggestion yet but I’ll be sure to post if I find one.


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  1. Kevin Fitzgibbons Avatar
    Kevin Fitzgibbons

    YouTube revolutionized how video is viewed and exchanged on the web – no small thing. Its impact also transcened the Internet. It nationalized traditionally local elections, such as MI and VA senate races. Candidates in RI, PA, MD and more paid in various degrees for errors an ads made in other races. It exposed Comcast and other companies for subpar service. And it also facilitated an avenue for creativity, for better or worse, previously not seen.

    Also, given the price paid, it’s hard to attribute all of Time’s enthusiasm as hype. Google gets benefit of the doubt for now.

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