Facebook Impressions vs Webpage Pageviews

I manage the SMU Facebook page and over the summer I started looking closer at the stats for that page to find ways to improve. I quickly noticed the number of impressions our Facebook page’s content received was significant, more than 100,000 per month. I wanted to place that number in context with our other digital marketing efforts… Continue reading Facebook Impressions vs Webpage Pageviews

Using Social Media with a Defensive Strategy

For most companies, the best reason to have a social media strategy is to play defense. The effort to effectively use social media to influence sales or conversations requires commitment and time. Most companies aren’t ready to put in that effort. Your Social Media Defensive Strategy Create a basic presence on major social media properties.… Continue reading Using Social Media with a Defensive Strategy

The Essentials: Social Media

Lately I’ve had several people ask me about adding social media to their marketing mix. Here are my three essential rules for social media: It’s still marketing Expect conversations on difficult issues Regular updates  are key, so plan accordingly It’s still marketing Social media is new, exciting and sometimes intoxicating. Before you jump in remember,… Continue reading The Essentials: Social Media