The Essentials: Social Media

Lately I’ve had several people ask me about adding social media to their marketing mix. Here are my three essential rules for social media: It’s still marketing Expect conversations on difficult issues Regular updates¬† are key, so plan accordingly It’s still marketing Social media is new, exciting and sometimes intoxicating. Before you jump in remember,… Continue reading The Essentials: Social Media

The Essentials: Stories and Relationships

My current working theory of marketing says that there are two core elements, stories and relationships. Stories Stories are the threads that tie all the pieces together. Packaging, distribution, pricing and advertising are all parts of a story that is being created about a brand, product, organization or person. Relationships Relationships are how people see… Continue reading The Essentials: Stories and Relationships

The Art of Speed

Speed is becoming an essential part of business today, especially on the web. This weekend I attended a panel discussion entitled “The Art of Speed” at South by Southwest Interactive. Here are the points I found useful or interesting: Follow the market to where the growth is – Often companies look to attack new markets… Continue reading The Art of Speed

How big is your market

If you’re going to start a business or launch a new product you should be able to answer in numerical terms how big your market is.

Pony Up

SMU’s new advertising campaign includes two TV commercials promoting the upcoming football season. Here is one of the commercials.