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  • Collecting Botts Dots

    Walking our dog twice a day gives us plenty of time to look around our local streets. Lately we’ve started collecting what we call speed bumps. They are the little plastic pieces glued to the concrete that seperate lanes. We later learned through the marvels of the Internet that these bumps are officially called “Bott’s…

  • Merry Christmas

    Even in Texas it’s getting to be Christmas time so I thought I’d pass along some holiday greetings in the form of the Christmas card we sent out this year. Merry Christmas to you.

  • TigerMan in the Snow

    It snowed in Dallas tonight and TigerMan enjoyed playing in the snow.

  • TigerMan Walking Nicely

    The intervention worked. More later, but here’s a video of TigerMan walking nicely.

  • Intervention Today

    TigerMan is getting an intervention today. He’s a bad walker. Since that’s his main activity most days it’s a problem. So a dog trainer is coming to work with him. This is the fourth trainer to try to fix him. Here’s hoping.