Is this thing on?

I found an interesting site today, If you’ve ever wondered if a website is really down or just singling you out this site tries to give you an answer.

Testing Jott. I’m testing…

Testing Jott. I’m testing the new Jott voice messaging service where you call a phone number and have your messages transcribed anything, and even posted to a block blog. listen Powered by Jott Update: As you can see there were some small errors in the results but it’s still a neat service.

All a Twitter

After hearing about it for a year, I figured it was time to try Twitter. You can now find me at Twitter is a mixture between ADD blogging and Instant messaging. You send “tweets” or messages of less than 140 characters via the website, IM client or third-party application. These tweets are logged on… Continue reading All a Twitter

Wake Up Call

Unfortunately for one of my co-workers I found the site The site is designed to let you schedule a wake up call. However, it works for prank calls as well. Unlike some other call-back services, you’re not required to register the phone you want to contact. Plus, you can type in text that the… Continue reading Wake Up Call

Turn off Add-on compatibility check in Firefox 3 Beta

I love Firefox, so whenever a new version is available, I immediately download it. One of the reasons I love Firefox is the ability to install add-ons or extensions. Unfortunately many of the authors of the add-ons aren’t as quick to migrate the newest version. Luckily, I found a fix to allow me to use… Continue reading Turn off Add-on compatibility check in Firefox 3 Beta

Wanted: AppleTV + TiVo

Dear Steve, I watched your keynote address yesterday and found it to be somewhat anti-climatic. The main reason, I wanted you to announce a version of AppleTV that includes the functionality of a TiVo. All you offered was the ability to rent movies. I fine with movies but in order to find a place close… Continue reading Wanted: AppleTV + TiVo

Don’t search for, or buy, domains from Network Solutions

Network Solutions recently changed their business practices to hold any domain name searched for on their site for four days before releasing it for possible purchase elsewhere. This is bad because unsuspecting users are effectively locked into purchasing the domain from Network Solutions, one of the most expensive domain registrars, if they want the domain… Continue reading Don’t search for, or buy, domains from Network Solutions

Send a Text Message via Email

Want to send someone a text message but don’t want to mess with trying to type it into your phone? Just email it. Use the guide below to find the correct email address. Cingular: Nextel: Sprint: phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.comT-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail.netVerizon: phonenumber@vtext.comVirgin Mobile:

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