Using Social Media with a Defensive Strategy

For most companies, the best reason to have a social media strategy is to play defense. The effort to effectively use social media to influence sales or conversations requires commitment and time. Most companies aren’t ready to put in that effort.

Your Social Media Defensive Strategy

  1. Create a basic presence on major social media properties.
  2. Assign someone to post small pieces of new content once a week.
  3. Monitor feedback and comments.
  4. Let other customers and users carry the conversations.

This strategy allows feedback and conversations to flow through official channels. You can observe and, if needed, participate in the conversation, without being locked out or caught unaware. In addition by establishing a presence you are able to be the authoritative voice in the channel instead of ceding that voice to someone outside the company.

This isn’t an ideal use of social media but it address immediate needs and provides the opportunity to grow into a fuller social media strategy at a later time.


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