Blogging from my iPhone

My favorite new gadget.I joined the bandwagon this weekend and bought an iPhone. So far I’ve been very impressed with it.

One of the biggest questions that I had was if the on-screen keyboard would be easy to use. So far the answer is yes. The software correction is what makes it especially useful. I can just type and the software automatically fixes most of the mistakes I make.

I took the train into work today and had another wow moment. I was able to clear out my email inbox while traveling to work.

The last feature I really like is the GPS and Google Maps combo. We drove to a baseball game on Sunday and used the iPhone to guide us. It worked well. one downside

One of the downsides to the iPhone is it’s battery. On Monday I charged it overnight and turned it on the next morning. Unfortunatly it only lasted until about 5pm. This isn’t ideal but as long as I remember to bring the charger with me to work it shouldn’t be a big deal.

So there it is. Apparently the iPhone is as great as everyone says it is.


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