Who kept the dogs in… woof, woof, woof, woof

Since I promised an update, National Take Your Dog to Work Day was a no-show at our offices. We all chickened out figuring that the poor behavior of our individual dogs might be a catastrophe when combined, sort of like an Anti-Power Ranger. Maybe next year.

Hey Mr. Bus Driver

Today I successfully navigated the Dallas public transit system thanks to Google Maps. Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking the train to work two to three days a week. Today however I got an urgent request to pick up a presentation at a location that wasn’t close to a train stop. Just as… Continue reading Hey Mr. Bus Driver

Take Your Dog To Work Day – June 20

Tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Our office is tentatively scheduled to participate, so after lunch time TigerMan will join Addy and Luke at our office. A full report to follow, until then visit the TYDTWD website.

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