The Art Collectors

Painting by Daniel NgErin and my favorite art festival was this weekend. The Main Street Art Festivial in Fort Worth is one of the highlights of our cultural year. This year we brought home our first real piece of art work, a print by Daniel Ng. Sunrise Tuscany (giclee print 4 of 450) is now hanging in our living room.

On our first trip to the Arts Festival in 2005 we saw an actual painting by David Oleski that we really liked, but it was $400. We hadn’t really concidered buying art for our apartment yet, so we figured surely we’ll be able to find something we liked that was cheaper. We were wrong.

In the three years since we haven’t bought any art to hang on the walls because nothing was quite right and  Mr. Oleski’s paintings are selling for much more now than they were the day we first saw them.

So, we’re very happy now to be able to finely display a fine art work in our fine home. Fine.


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