Testing Jott. I’m testing…

Testing Jott. I’m testing the new Jott voice messaging service where you call a phone number and have your messages transcribed anything, and even posted to a block blog. listen Powered by Jott Update: As you can see there were some small errors in the results but it’s still a neat service.

Bracket Busters

The Belmont Bruins almost made NCAA history by upsetting Duke. Unfortunately, the record books will simply record a close call for basketball powerhouse. YouTube however will remember the 2008 Bruins trip to the tourney through the video blog of SecondMileStyle.

Bathroom Remodeling

We’re having our bathroom remodeled. It was in need of some work so the contractor has ripped everything out down to the studs in the walls. The plan is to end up with a bigger shower (that doesn’t leak) and new tile on the floor and in the shower. Tags: house

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The Art of Speed

Speed is becoming an essential part of business today, especially on the web. This weekend I attended a panel discussion entitled “The Art of Speed” at South by Southwest Interactive. Here are the points I found useful or interesting: Follow the market to where the growth is – Often companies look to attack new markets… Continue reading The Art of Speed

Work Practices

37signals the makers of BaseCamp and RubyonRails shared some changes to their work environment recently. Here are three interesting ideas.  4 day work week – If people rest for 3 days, they will be refreshed and do better work in four days rather than 5 days of work and 2 days of rest. Pay for… Continue reading Work Practices

You should know what your co-workers earn

Companies are artificially secretive about their accounting to internal audiences. Typically granular information about a company’s books is not available to it’s employees and only a small precentage of the company knows exactly how the company is earning and spending money. I offer this suggestion. Be completely transparent about your company’s spending including how much… Continue reading You should know what your co-workers earn

Finally at SXSW

After being trapped at La Guardia for most of the day Friday I finally got on a flight headed for Dallas. I spent the night at home and then drove my car down to Austin. It was a long 24 hours in New York but it’s over now.

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A Vision of Students Today

In preparation for an upcoming presentation I came across this video that I thought was interesting. Embedded Video

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