Turn off Add-on compatibility check in Firefox 3 Beta

I love Firefox, so whenever a new version is available, I immediately download it. One of the reasons I love Firefox is the ability to install add-ons or extensions. Unfortunately many of the authors of the add-ons aren’t as quick to migrate the newest version.

Luckily, I found a fix to allow me to use my favorite extensions even if they aren’t “officially” compatible.

  1. In the Firefox address bar type “about:config”
  2. By-pass the warning screen (Anything worthwhile is a little dangerous!)
  3. Right click in the list of settings, choose New > Boolean
  4. Type the phrase “extensions.checkCompatibility” and press enter
  5. Choose “false” as the value
  6. Restart Firefox

Now all of your “incompatible” add-ons should be working.

Fair warning: Ok, so its possible that there’s a good reason that one of your add-ons is listed as incompatible and you could royally mess up your browser with this hack. But hey, isn’t that chance worth it for the add-ons you can’t live without?


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