Wanted: AppleTV + TiVo

Apple TVDear Steve,

I watched your keynote address yesterday and found it to be somewhat anti-climatic. The main reason, I wanted you to announce a version of AppleTV that includes the functionality of a TiVo.

All you offered was the ability to rent movies. I fine with movies but in order to find a place close to my TV and heart, I need the ability to record TV shows.

Now I see the writing on the wall that says all TV shows will be downloads in the future maybe even from the iTunes store, but we’re not there yet. And, I’m think it will be a few years before we are. So until then, just place a TV Tuner card inside and create one of those cool user interfaces your so good at.

I can almost hear you saying, “James you can already download TV shows from the iTunes store. It’s already almost like a TiVo.”

Oh Steve, you know it would cost a fortune to download every TV show and if I have to pay for every show, I’ll never stumble upon something new and exciting. Plus, I’d never be able to pause a live event to let the dog out.

So, offer me the ability to record via AppleTV and then let me know that I can pay to download previous episodes of a show.

Maybe next time.



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