Looping Background Music

The Problem:
I needed a PowerPoint presentation to loop and play looping background music as well.

The Solution:

  1. Select the slide you wish to insert the Background Music Loop.
  2. Select “Slide Transition” from the Slide Show menu option. A Slide Transition pop-up window should appear.
  3. Select the “Sound” pull down form in the lower right hand corner of the pop-up window.
  4. Scroll down to the very bottom of the form until you see “Other Sound …”
  5. Select “Other Sound”. The “Add Sound” pop-up window should now appear.
  6. Navigate to the music file on your hard drive and select the file.
  7. The Slide Transition pop-up window should appear again, with the name of the music file in the sound form.
  8. To loop the Background Music Loop, select the tick box, “Loop until next sound”.
  9. Choose “Apply” (NOT apply to all) and you should return to the original page.
  10. Select “View Show” from the Slide Show menu option to hear the looped sound.

Thanks to 123ppt.com for posting their solution to this problem.


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