Buy Ben an iPhone

A friend of mine has begun his quest to procure an iPhone by using the only logically solution, an donation website and blog. Check out his quest at:

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The RSS icon in the browser address bar

You may have noticed the feed or RSS icon occasionally appearing in the address bar of your browser to indicate that an RSS feed is available. The display of the icon is controlled by a specific line of HTML code: <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Alumni News Blog” xhref=”” mce_href=”” /> Simply placing this line of code… Continue reading The RSS icon in the browser address bar

Your Powerpoint Presentation is So Big that…

Often times I see needlessly big PowerPoint presentations. The culprit is often pictures that have been inserted at a higher resolution that needed. The Fix Right click on one of the pictures in your presentation Choose “Format Picture” Click on the “Picture” tab Click the “Compress” button Choose the web/screen setting Click Ok Your done!… Continue reading Your Powerpoint Presentation is So Big that…

Hating the PowerPointers

Freakonomics, the blog, has decided to hate PowerPointers not PowerPoint. The article accuses PowerPoint, which turned 20 recently, of reducing presentations to bullet point boredom sessions. Don’t Hate PowerPoint; Hate the PowerPointers

Web Monkeys

We started a new blog at work yesterday to discuss happenings on the SMU website. It’s called WebMonkeys. Fair warning, it may not be interesting if you don’t work at SMU.

Walk the streets with Google Maps

Google maps has added street level photographs of some streets, in some cities to The new feature allows you to virtually walk down streets with full 360 degree views of your surroundings. Google Maps Street View Some are already raising questions about privacy though. While Google has reportedly removed pictures of women’s shelters from… Continue reading Walk the streets with Google Maps